5 Tips for Writing your Diary

Try starting with the same prompt. Starting an entry is best done in the form of a question. The main thing to keep in mind is that these questions should be open-ended and require more than a few words or sentences to answer. Reflect on the thoughts and feelings. Inspiration will find you – but ... Read more

5 Expert Goal Setting Tips

Make your goals relevant to you- goals should reflect your dreams. Goals should be steppingstones to achieve overall success. Where do you see yourself once completing these goals? Balancing the alignment between long-term and short-term will give you the focus. Understand what is involved for achieving your goal – Having goals are empty words unless ... Read more

How to start a new routine

Decide what needs to be in your routine. Prioritise what is important in your life. Time does not allow us to fit everything in, so we consciously or subconsciously choose what is most important to us. If something is profoundly important to change, you will find the time to fit it into your routine. Layout ... Read more

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